Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love coffee. Espresso to be more specific. I like to experiment with different ways of having espresso, but my tried and true is Cafe' Americano. Regular coffee never seemed to be strong enough for me. I would find myself pouring extra coffee into the brewing pot just to have that awesome coffee taste. Then, one magical day, I was chit-chatting with friends who worked at the coffee shop on my college campus when I asked about the ultimate coffee drink. He gave me a sneaky half smile and told me that he had just the thing. I was a little nervous, but excited. I mean, there was a real drink that I dreamed about.

After allowing it to cool for a bit, I took my first sip. HEAVEN!!!!  I was in love! After finishing it, I felt like a freight train on a bumpy track. It then occurred to me to ask what I drank. I drank a Tall Triple Espresso! I was flying for days! I loved the taste, but there was no way I could consume that much caffeine daily. After conceding that I was not looking for the ultimate drink, rather a meekly strong one, he let me in on the Americano. Much better.

Fast forward four yeas later, and I still love my Americano, but I now purchase it from Killian's Place downtown on the corner of 3rd and Cherry. (If you ever get a chance, stop by and pick up one of their brownies! OMG!!) When I am home, I still brew coffee, what's better at midnight? I am always reluctant to throw out my coffee grounds. I mean, that can't be the end of their life, right? RIGHT! Shane Genziuk over at  Sane but Different, has a great way to use your coffee grounds if you are a gardener or if you know any. I think a similar program would be great for Macon, and with the number of coffee shops available, I think there would be enough to furnish every garden in Macon! Check out the list of local coffee shops and inquire about their used coffee grounds.


ristretto said...

My Favorite is a quad ristretto.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking this up JeKaren. If any of the info and/or material I've got on the site is helpful, as in the logos, flyers, run through of the benefits of coffee ground, ETC - please make use of them.
Best of luck with the store, keep well.

Spice Enticer said...

Thank you so much Shane!

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