Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Global Mamas

During a recent trip to SCAD, I learned about an amazing organization called Global Mamas.
Global Mama’s reduces the economic inequality of women by increasing the revenues and profits of woman-owned businesses in Africa. This in turn increases employee wages, generates new jobs and improves the standard of living. They believe that helping women gain economic independence is the most effective way to reduce dependence on foreign aid and steadily create a prosperous society.

Global Mamas is a very proud member of  the Fair Trade Federation (FTF). The FTF is a non-profit organization in the United States that accepted Global Mamas to its ranks only after conducting a thorough investigation that ensured the African women who comprise the Global Mamas cooperative are the primary beneficiaries of the proceeds from clothing sales.

Products can be purchased in stores all over the country, check out the list in your area.  Products can also be purchased online through Trade for Change.

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Heather Golden said...

What a worthwhile cause! Thanks for posting this!

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